Pass history is … I would appreciate feedback or queries from viewers using the contact form below. Don't let it discourage you. Author. This site is under construction. To do well in history, you just have to have a good memory. Some of you may know I study history in college. P.S. Of course it helps to have an interest in the subject, but it is not a necessity. What makes the Leaving Cert so difficult is having to study subjects you hate. Forums › Leaving Cert Chemistry › Is chemistry very hard for leaving cert? I didn't do all that well in my Christmas exams either. What makes the Leaving Cert so difficult is having to study subjects you hate. That’s the Leaving Cert Art practical, except with two dozen 17/18-year-olds. Leaving Cert History can be the basis for further investigation and the study of alternate views; it is a platform from which to work and not, as Mr Eagleton argues, ‘structurally conservative and biased and must be radically overhauled’. It seems most people in my class are picking topics relating to … 1.Listing and Uses of Elements. The Achievements of the Cumann na nGaedheal Government 1923-1932 #625Lab – History, marked 89/100, detailed feedback at the very bottom. And it is a completely different story. I haven't a clue how to improve it. Just wondering if there is a big difference between the higher and ordinary level papers? Leaving Cert History Research Topic Ideas I'm in fifth year and having a really hard time picking a topic! It was a programme that was supposed to transform Russia into a Communist state by replacing all private business with a state controlled economy where the State would run and be in charge of all industry and production and own all property. You don’t just learn things off. Please use the menu at the top of the page to navigate this website. I was hoping to … 4. You learn dates, numbers, names of events, all that sort of thing. Credit: Eimear O’Sullivan The Cumann na nGaedhael Government was elected two years after the signing of the Anglo Irish (Anglo-Irish – watch out for this hyphen) Treaty. Did the Leaving Cert in 2016 btw. I am building this website to help students prepare for the Leaving Cert Art History Exam. Look at this painting this painting was created by what type of artist.

How hard is the leaving cert chemistry paper? It's so vast!! Topic 1: British Withdrawal from India, 1945 – 1947 On 15 th August 1947, two new states came into existence, India and Pakistan, from the remains of the former British colony of India. Is leaving cert history difficult? October 26, 2009 at 12:17 pm #9112. longfordman.

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