Major Requirements Course Requirements. The justice studies dual major is an interdisciplinary area that blends topics from humanities departments (e.g., philosophy), social science departments (e.g., psychology, sociology, women's and gender studies), departments that include both humanities and social science faculty (history, political science), and professionally oriented departments (education, family studies, social work).

You'll learn to: engage in cross-agency dialogue and learning in the classroom Please consult your advisor about the sequence of courses. Crime and Justice Studies (CJS) combines criminology, criminal justice and justice studies to offer a multi-disciplinary program that specializes in the study of the criminal justice system's history, policies, politics and procedures. To satisfy the requirements for a minor, students must take JUS 2301 (Introduction to Justice Studies), which is a prerequisite to all other Justice Studies courses, as well as JUS 2302 (Research Methods in Justice Studies I). Major Requirements A student with a major in Justice Studies must complete a minimum of 42 hours of upper (3000/4000) division courses. I: Basic Requirements (6) CJS 102: Introduction to Criminology and Justice Studies (3) OR: CJS 302: Crime, Criminal Justice, and Society (3) CJS 360: Career Planning in Criminal Justice (3) II: Criminal Justice Foundations (21) A. Students may choose any combination of other Justice Studies courses to fulfill the remaining 12-semester-hour requirement. Major in Justice Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The concentration covers transnational and global justice topics including human rights, terrorism, cybercrime, transnational crime, immigration, genocide, war and human trafficking. The Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (PJC) major requires 48 credit hours, as follows: This concentrated area of study examines issues of criminal justice, social justice, and the law that transcends national borders. Justice studies is an innovative social science and liberal arts program examining current social justice issues. The Legal Studies curriculum examines how law shapes and is shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces. Sociology majors with the option in Criminology and Criminal Justice will not be allowed to double-major with Criminology and Justice Studies. The Justice Studies major is one of the most popular undergraduate programs at Montclair State University. Justice studies majors think critically about issues that are part of the national conversation concerning justice: race and policing, cybercrime, the opioid crisis, juvenile delinquency, sexual and interpersonal violence, immigrants …

Advising. Students are required to complete 120 internship hours to qualify for graduation. Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts major that engages the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. of 3.0. Course Requirements for the Major. Alpha Phi Sigma. Major in Justice Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree. The dual major in justice studies requires students to take a minimum of eight courses (32 credits), each completed with a grade of a C- or better. Our Programs.

Basic Requirements (6 units) CJS 102 Introduction to Criminology and Justice Studies (3) Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to the Justice Studies major: 124 total hours; 30 upper division hours; WCore requirements Students must maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA or better in the academic major and minor. All Justice Studies majors take six required courses plus eighteen credit hours of electives. Systems of Justice (6) CJS 310: Juvenile Justice (3) CJS 370: Criminal Justice Systems (3)

Students should also be aware of all other university requirements to obtain a degree - NEIU requirements. Please consult your advisor about the sequence of courses.

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