Her influential 2010 release, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, introduced the idea of time tracking and using a “time log” to thousands of people. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: There are 168 hours in each week. Laura Vanderkam at TED Talks.

Challenging the notion that there aren't enough hours in the day. How do we find time for what matters most? Time management expert Laura Vanderkam studies how busy people spend their lives, and she's discovered that many of us drastically overestimate our commitments each week, while underestimating the time we have to ourselves. You can with my free Time Makeover Guide and Time Tracking Sheet.

Laura Vanderkam. Her 2016 TED talk, "How to Gain Control of Your Free Time," has been viewed more than 5 million times. I Know How She Does it: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time by Laura Vanderkam (2015-06-25) by Laura Vanderkam | Jan 1, 1792 Paperback Bunko 14K likes. I have been thinking a lot lately about the intersection of time and money. Listen to the MP3 Audio: How to gain control of your free time by Laura Vanderkam at … Much like the way a dieter might track their calories, Laura’s book proposed that the most productive people do the same with their time. Why you should listen Between careers and kids, many women feel that they are too busy to cram in anything else. Read writing … Here is the full transcript of author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam’s presentation on: How to Gain Control of Your Free Time at TED conference. Laura Vanderkam’s time management career owes a lot to data. She offers a few practical strategies to help find more time …

Laura Vanderkam shatters the myth that there just isn’t enough time in the week for working professionals to live happy, balanced and productive lives.

Time Management August 9, 2019 Friday miscellany: Plugging time and money leaks, vacation blogging note, etc.

Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management and productivity books, including Off the Clock, I Know How She Does It, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, and 168 Hours.

She blogs at LauraVanderkam.com.


It’s time to stop feeling too busy, and time to spend your hours on the things that are most important to you.

Sign up now and get: Time Tracking Sheet; Time Makeover Guide; Monthly email with time management tips; Join 40,000 others who are making the most of their time.

Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management books including Off the Clock and 168 Hours.

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