She serves to enlighten his mind and spur him into creating change.

On his way to work, Montag meets Clarisse again. On the first page he discusses his love of the way burning books makes him feel.

Montag loves fire and the way it makes him feel in the beginning. Wiki User 2011-10-25 02:23:56. What page in Fahrenheit 451 does montag meet clarisse? Related Questions. How old is Montag?

Clarisse helped Montag realize that burning Firemen that start fires are used to burn the books when they are found. Montag before he met Clarisse: Before Guy Montag meets Clarisse he doesn't think, he only does what society expects him to do. Montag after he met Clarisse: After Guy Montag meets Clarisse, he realizes that he was not who he thought he was. earlier in the book, montag is more of a student, learning from the wisdom of others such as clarisse and faber. Clarisse helped Montag realize that burning people and their belongings, because they had books in their possession, was wrong.

When Montag meets Clarisse McClellan, she says the citizens “all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else” (Bradbury 28). Montag is left at a loss when Clarisse disappears. He is used to the blazing heat of fire, and so is surprised by Clarisse’s soft warmth.

At least, this is what her uncle, whom she gets many of her ideas about the world from, describes her as. For example, Montag was expected to burn books because society did not permit them. Page 5-10. In Fahrenheit 451, when Montag first meets Clarisse, she makes him feel uneasy because she is so different from the average citizen in the book's dystopian world. One fireman, Guy Montag, remembers a time before book burning and tries to right this horrible metropolis of zombies. Montag after he met Clarisse: After Guy Montag meets Clarisse, he realizes that he was not who he thought he was. Montag was actually; a strong, intelligent, and courageous person. Clarisse strays from the typical beliefs and behavior, instead choosing to question the community’s core principles; due to this, she has the ability to understand the similarities between the citizens in the dystopian society. Montag has always enjoyed his job, that is until Clarisse McClellan comes along. Unlike others in his world, Montag sees how empty his life is. Guy Montag Meets Clarisse McClellan Guy meets Clarisse, his curious seventeen-year-old neighbor who asks questions that make him think about their society and his life. Clarisse

toward they end, though, it's clear that montag has changed and now become a leader.

She applies a childish dandelion test (rubbing the flower on his chin) to see if Montag is in love—her test shows that he isn't in love with anyone.

Montag is upset and insists that he is in love. Clarisse is seventeen and crazy. Montag meets Clarisse while on his way _____. When Montag first meets Clarisse, how does she make him feel uneasy in Fahrenheit 451?.

Montag thinks this about Clarisse the first time he meets her as they walk home together. When Montag first meets Clarisse, she asks him if he is happy. She is walking in the rain, tasting the raindrops and holding dandelions.

what evidence supports this? While playing cards at the firehouse, Montag asks if firemen used to put out fires, as Clarisse claimed earlier. In Fahrenheit 451, when Montag first meets Clarisse, she makes him …

He immediately assumes the answer is yes, but then considers the question with more thought. Montag was actually; a strong, intelligent, and courageous person. She tells him of the "book people", a hidden sect of people who flout the law, each of whom have memorized a book to keep it alive. answer choices to a fire to Beatty's house home to McDonald's Tags: Question 3 SURVEY 900 seconds Q.

Fahrenheit 451: The Meetings Between Montag and Clarisse The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about a futuristic society that has banned books. Prior to this conversation, he felt pleasure while burning books, but he now realizes this is not true happiness. Montag meets with Clarisse and helps her break back into her house to destroy papers that would bring the Firemen to others like her. And I thought about books.

He uses the phrase “once upon a time,” which he once glimpsed in a book before he burned it.

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