Submission deadline is June 15th. Risks of publishing in lower-ranked journals. Journals in Danish. Philosophy On these pages you will find Springer’s journals, books and eBooks in all areas of Philosophy, serving researchers, professionals, lecturers and students. The Duke Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Journal (Sponsored by Duke PPE Certificate Program) is a new publication which is about to start its first year, and they aim to publish original peer-reviewed works of philosophy, politics, and economics from undergraduate and graduate students. The Philosophy journal world is pretty small and if you get a reputation for submitting your article to multiple journals, you’re going to be blacklisted. We publish many of the most prestigious journals in Philosophy, including a number of fully open access journals. The faculty in those programs are faculty at research universities, and they know what they would look for in a job candidate. It is aimed at a broad readership across the sciences and humanities, and welcomes submissions from authors in these disciplines. S.Ph. Undergraduates from around the globe are invited to submit papers annually for peer-review. Biology & Philosophy aims to publish the best original work in philosophy of biology, broadly understood to span conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues in the biological sciences. There are a large number of philosophy journals. ... Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: ... Open access journals. Essays and Explorations is a new, open-access biannual journal seeking to publish “creative philosophical work” in “the neglected middle-ground between the cultural-literary essay and the traditional academic article.” It is the project of S.Ph. I've listed the top 50—roughly the top 8–10%—broken up into 25 general philosophy journals and the best 25 specialist journals. 13 Undergraduate journals. Promoting academic literacy on non-Western traditions of philosophy, Philosophy East and West has for over half a century published the highest-quality scholarship that locates these cultures in their relationship to Anglo-American philosophy. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy is dedicated to the publication of short (of less than 4500 words), original, philosophical papers in the following areas: Philosophy of Maths, Philosophy of Logic, Logic (where there is clear and explicit philosophical relevance), Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, and Value Theory. Some journals (but none in philosophy that I know of) charge authors a fee to submit their papers. Entirely devoted to publishing substantive, high-quality book reviews (normal length: 1500-2500 words). Our goal is to review a good majority of the scholarly philosophy books issued each year and to have the review appear within six to twelve months of the book's publication. Other journals publish a mixture

Not a large fee, not enough to make publishing unaffordable to anyone. This limits the length of papers normally published to no more than 7,500 words, or 18 Journal pages.A more precise way of determining length is by characters (including spaces): 2,850 characters per Journal page, or 51,300 characters per Journal article of 18 pages. Below is a list of journals that publish articles and book reviews by undergraduate philosophy student, with descriptions from their websites. The Journal of Philosophy is published monthly, in issues that (ordinarily) contain only 56 pages of copy. Elsevier offers you the option to publish papers open access. Logos is a refereed journal at Cornell University that publishes undergraduate work in all branches and traditions of philosophy. About Philosophy Visit Cambridge is widely regarded as one of the world’s premier publishers of philosophical research, having one of the most recognisable and distinguished books lists as well as a growing collection of leading journals. It depends on how you count them, but on any count there are well over 500 of them! Finally, since this is a post meant to help introduce philosophy of religion, I must mention two journals that publish helpful “survey” articles that summarize the state of a current philosophical issue. Something like $25. This page is intended as a guide to some of the better ones. Welcome to the Arts and Humanities journals area of Elsevier. Publish Your Work in a Philosophy Journal Publications look great on resumes and graduate school applications! Journals in English. Filosofický časopis.

The Journal of Philosophy invites submissions for The Isaac Levi Prize, an annual award of $10,000 for an article submitted to the Journal on the areas and themes that interested Isaac Levi. Now as far as the actual submission process itself, it varies by journal-to-journal. Kierkegaard Studies Monograph Series (also in English, French and German) Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook (also in English, French and German) Journals in Dutch. Thus, when deciding where to send your paper, you need to ask yourself which category it falls under. Acta Philosophica Fennica. Philosophy journals should start doing that.

Please visit this page for details.

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