Discussed and debated from time immemorial,... A Theory of Justice – John Rawls. Type Book Author(s) Jonathan Wolff Date 2006 Publisher Oxford University Press Pub place Oxford Edition Rev.

Throughout the history of Western philosophy, those figures whose thought has engaged with ethical problems have been equally concerned with political philosophy and vice versa. Field Readings Lists, Requirements and Exams Please see the Program Overview and Requirements for information about exam and coursework based field certification. Part IB Paper 07: Political Philosophy. 1. Students need to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of four subfields of political theory on the comprehensive examination. On the following pages are some books that might be of interest if you want to explore these ideas further. The Political Compass Reading List. This is a very full reading list to help you prepare for lectures, seminars and essays. There is no reading list for students applying for Classics, as we encourage students to read as widely as possible about any Classics materials they find interesting (in literature, history, philosophy, archaeology, and/or philology), and to think critically about their reading. Philosophy Faculty Reading List and Course Outline 2019-2020. Political Theory Reading List Political Theory Subfield Requirements - N/A Political Theory Old … He explores the experiences that influenced each writer, saying 'it’s very rare for philosophers to say very much about their history and what brought them to the views they have'. The Ten Best Introductory Political Philosophy Books Early Writings – Karl Marx. Democracy: justifications of democracy; forms of democracy. Equality: egalitarianism; labour, property and theft; the value of equality. Syllabus. The Paper. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. We’ve included some influential thinkers from each of the four quadrants of the political compass. ed ... You can filter on reading intentions from the list, as well as view them within your profile. The Political Theory Reading List (revised 11.30.2015) As of 8.30.2018 This reading list is meant to help students prepare for their comprehensive exams in political theory. Gordon Finlayson. British philosopher Jonathan Wolff chooses five books by thinkers who have shaped the field. Political philosophy is the study of how we can and how we ought to live together. Spring and Summer Terms 2006. The best books on Political Philosophy recommended by Jonathan Wolff. Full Reading List. Written in 1833-4, when Marx was barely twenty-five,... On Liberty – John Stuart Mill. BA Philosophy optional course, final year. An Introduction to Political Philosophy.

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