How closely does what you say as a leader align with what you do? Using stories as a way to convey your ideas is one way to do that. Here is a great leadership story of a leader by example. Read on… Here is another great story to share with other leaders. This is quite possibly the simplest and most direct reason why stories are so powerful. Pivotal stories share the history and the mindset of how an organization deals with change. Leadership stories are arguably the most powerful of all motivational tools. Why Stories are a Powerful Communication Tool. Why Stories Are Powerful Leadership Tools. The best way to be inspired by great leaders is through their stories. Properly selected and told stories can make a point in ways other forms of communication cannot. Leader by Example – Powerful Leadership Story. Stories allow the listener to learn vicariously and discover lessons seemingly on their own. May we all be better leaders as we lead by example this coming year. Stories make a point.

One of my favorite leadership by example stories is that of Mahatma Gandhi.

I love leaders who lead by example. They are easy to follow and their lessons are so much more meaningful and impactful than leaders that just tell you what to do.

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