And while I respect and admire the confidence and idealism in dropping everything to do that one thing you’ve always imagined with reckless abandon, understand that your “now” may not be right now.

Idealism - Idealism - Criticism and appraisal: Obviously, some of the types of idealism in the above classifications conflict with one another.

One person’s “now” is another’s “impossible”. You don’t need to turn in your notice at work today. For example, spiritual monism and spiritual pluralism are opposite types; personalism rejects absolute idealism; and atheistic spiritual pluralism is in sharp conflict with theistic spiritual pluralism. Lacking a vision of political service in pursuit of specific ends, the rhetoric of idealism allows Rhodes scholars to justify and celebrate political service per se. “Now” is a very relative idea.

Instead of trying to solve the hard problem with reductionism or dualism, idealism throws out all that and states that consciousness is the very core of existence. There is no physical universe to get our mind around – because the universe   does not exist as a separate entity from mind. Reflections on idealism; Some problems with idealism; Types of behaviourism; Imitated behaviour and morality; Sensation and reality; Dualist Solutions to the mind body problem; Doubt, uncertainty and science; Realism 2010 (33) December (8) November (10) October (11) September (4)

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