He meant that psychology had not quite reached the stage of being a science, but may do one day. Psychology's status as a science is a frequent subject of debate. To be able to conclude if psychology is a science or not, we must first understand what a science is. In fact, most of the population doesn’t know what it means to study psychology. Since that time I studied Biology and I was sceptical when I entered psychology again however that soon changed once you see the changes in the subject. The failure of psychology (and indeed many other so-called social "sciences") to meet these criteria often manifests as an obvious symptom: lousy statistics. A common criticism of the field holds that psychology has not been around long enough to develop a paradigm, or an established system of ideas accepted by most professionals in the community, and thus lacks one of the essential characteristics of a science. Science has nothing to do with ‘Truth’, a term which is often used in psychology to imply that logic can be performed with words, which is what psychology is based on (like most of philosophy). However, psychology does not have any of these. Well you will get another answer I mean depending on who you ask Psychology is a very broad discipline Practically from one end To one end of sociology it is very difficult. Thomas Kuhn (1990) said, because of this ‘psychology is a pre-science’. In order to consider whether psychology is a science, we must first define our terms. Like other languages it can be harnessed to express logical points in a consistent way, or it can demonstrate poorly reasoned ideas in a sloppy way. I had studied some psychology back in the '80's and did not really class it as a science. It is not overarching to say that science is what separates human beings from animals, and, as time goes by and we learn more about our animal neighbors here on Earth, it becomes increasingly clear that science is all that separates humans from animals. Statistics is just a language. Instead, it has levels of explanations that are used to explain phenomena. science come not only from among policymakers and the general public, but also from other areas of science (e.g., see Yong, 2012, and Wai, 2012, for several examples). Many people believe that science is the undisputed bearer of truth since it observes … I am looking at returning to study psychology after a couple of years break. The basis of the scientific method is that logic can *not* be performed with words, only numbers are objective, and logic can only be performed with numbers. Psychology is not a science, it is a Sign It Yes It’s a science That’s yes, I don’t know I can Tell me about it.

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