There are various tools that measure and improve quality service, as well as mechanisms for quality recognition in the tourism and hospitality industry. This is due to the fact that people are notaware that service is also a product, the most famous models that measurequality service in the hospitality industry are the following: The Five Gap Model. determinants of service quality presented in order of importance, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. In an era of automation and customer service bots, it’s easy to start questioning the importance of customer service in the hospitality industry. (2001). Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry’s (1994) Quality Service Model isa helpful instrument to define the objectives of quality management. Service quality in the hospitality industry becomes one of the most important factors for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and customers’ confidence in the highly competitive marketplace, and therefore service quality can give the hospitality industry a great chance to create competitive differentiation for organizations. The managers should identify, record and weigh up the impacts of cost-profit and be in a position to prioritise towards a quality …

4, pp. It’s one thing for a consumer to not mind the self-service aspect of buying car insurance online, but it’s quite another when it comes to the splurge of being waited on in the hospitality industry. 33-44. Assessment of Service Quality in the Hotel Industry Hung-Che Wu Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management , Macau University of Science and Technology , Macau & Yong Jae Ko Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management , University of Florida , Gainesville , Florida , USA Correspondence

7, No. Improving Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry. The hotel industry is highly service oriented as through the experiences, In order to survive companies must focus on delivering quality to their customers and meeting their expectations. Management perception of service quality in the hospitality industry.. Customer service quality strategy in the tourism and leisure industry: A case study of Mkabati Nature Reserve Francis Sekajja Mini dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration at the North-West University Study Leader: Prof C.A Bisschoff Vovernber ZOO6 'otchefstroorn Campus This study focused on service quality and customer satisfaction: a case of hotel industry in Kenya. Service Quality and Hotel’s Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia Feven Abebe Tessera Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia ... considered to promote the hospitality industry (Aschale, 2013). Number of pages and appendices 56 + 39 Teacher(s) or supervisor(s) Mario Passos Ascencao The service industry has never been so competative then it is today. Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing: Vol.

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