For once, it wasn't politics, television or film that sent social media into a frenzy — a short story published in the New Yorker set off a fierce debate on Twitter over the weekend. And it is an art. It turns out there are many ways to use social media for storytelling! Is it possible to narrate a story with social media posts that are supposed to be short and sweet? It touches upon the human heart, the pleasure produced by facile happiness, and the dark, isolating effect of social media. Like Liked by 1 person I am so going over right now to that account! Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with consumers. I love the art of a short story. A short story about social media and isolation. Fabulous post, lovely *grins from this side of the planet* Social media gets such a bad wrap for being sterile and vacuous, but when it’s right, those miles between us melt away. But can we actually tell a story on social media? This morning I wrote a short story titled One Thousand Likes . Every word must count.

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