Put yourself in the shoes of the person viewing it. Also, don't simply name your resume "resume" when you save the file. Turning in the best resume you can put together is key to scoring a job interview. Discussion .

I plan on applying for a different location for that place too.

I have always assumed you only put classes on your resume in which you actually act, and not just listen. If you looked at his resume and you had no clue what a minister did, you wouldn’t guess all the administrative, HR, budget, event planning and other skills he would have. My dad was a protestant minister for 30+ years until he left full-time ministry. One look at your resume, and the employer should know exactly what type of document it is. What should you put on your résumé? The Word "Resume" Do not label your resume, "resume." I am enrolled in half of them and I will be enrolling in the other half when this semester ends. So, should I put something like: "Coursework: X, Y, Z (A+), etc." If you have obtained verified certificate (paid or financial assistance) then yes , you should mention it if that is relevant to your core experience or studies. Hey, So I’m planning to apply for part time work for the summer in food. I have a solid GPA but I have some even stronger grades in a couple classes considered especially difficult. Incomplete Education Related to Position. With only one to two pages to highlight your education, skills and experience, you want to do it right. Also if you are doing a CS related course then save and upload the sources for the project and assignments, occasionally interview panel is interested in knowing what you have done. Use your name, so the hiring manager will know whose resume it is at a glance. Figuring out how to handle any incomplete education is a bit tricky, but in most cases, you’ll still want to include it. Here's how to name your resume. In most cases, they only have a few seconds to look at your material. Should I put this on my resume? I worked at a well known chain pizza place for a month late last year and was wondering if it’d be wise to put that on my resume? Should I put upcoming courses on my resume if they are relevant to the internship?

Functional resume: From the personal experience of my dad, I know that a well-crafted functional resume can help someone switch fields. As little as possible. for the class I got the great grade in (Z) or should i just list the classes without any particular grades and rely just on I have classes I will be taking this upcoming fall and spring that I haven't completed yet but are relevant to the summer internships for 2017. Yes!

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