Case Study. Find out how many slaves work for you, and take action. Slavery Footprint is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending forced labor, human trafficking, and modern day slavery through increased public awareness, action, and advocacy. You may not think that slavery is still a major problem worldwide, and you’d be wrong. Campaign Slavery Footprint Launch. Through our “Free World” mobile app and online action center, we provide consumers an outlet to voice their demand for things made without slave labor. Measuring the engagement and efficacy of Slavery Footprint’s various social networking platforms and offer suggestions on how to increase our impact; Strategizing and execute social media campaigns to increase the reach of our platforms and encourage individuals to take action through the Slavery Footprint mobile app and online action center Many of them contribute to the supply chains that end up in the products we use every day. Based in Oakland, California, the Slavery Footprint team works to engage individuals, groups, and businesses to build awareness for and create deployable action against forced labor, human trafficking, and modern day slavery. Mobile App. “Slavery Footprint is an online experience and mobile app that launched on the 149th anniversary of the announcement of the Emanci­pa­tion Proclamation, and can tell you approximately how many slaves have pitched in to make the goods you enjoy on a daily basis. There are more slaves bought and sold today than at any point in human history but few people know. Now that is the unsettling question being posed by a new online tool and mobile app. Campaign Slavery Footprint Launch. Slavery Footprint's mobile application allows users to send messages directly to companies, alerting each company to a new level of consumer attention to slave labor in the supply chain and asking it to provide more information on its efforts to combat slavery in its operations. What is your 'slavery footprint'? In order to activate consumers, we needed to establish the direct connection between a consumer and the underlying slavery in their supply chains. In order to activate consumers, we needed to establish the direct connection between a consumer and the underlying slavery in their supply chains. Slavery Footprint is a survey that asks and responds to the question, “How Many Slaves Work For You?” The survey allows users to input select data about their consumer spending habits, which then outputs a graphical “footprint” of the user’s participation in modern-day slavery (as quantified by their consumption of items created by forced labor and child labor.) But how many of those slaves work for you? According to estimates by policymakers, activists and scholars the number of modern day slaves ranges from about 10 million to 30 million people.

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