Some of the programmes include victim empowerment by providing well managed crisis care centres at police station. Ingrid Palmary is a former Researcher in the City Safety Project at … Emphasis is on vulnerable groups: physical challenged, women, children, and the aged. Social Crime prevention is an approach to crime prevention that addresses the root causes of crime. As with situational and environmental crime prevention, this approach again only tackles crime by the working class, not white‐collar, corporate or state crime Marxists would argue that even where such programmes have produced some limited improvements in social conditions, they do nothing to tackle the structural inequality inherent in the capitalist system. This strategy involves engaging the offending age in various community based activities which invariably bring together children, youths and some marginalised groups in the community. Social Crime Prevention in South Africa's Major Cities by Ingrid Palmary Report prepared as part of the City Safety Project (funded by the Open Society Foundation for South Africa), June 2001. Meanwhile, Social Crime Prevention is a Crime Prevention strategy that could adapt to the changing Social environment rather then the physical environment. The national strategy for social crime prevention 4 society in differentiated ways, the Government, local authorities, central authorities, local public administration and local institutions must constantly cooperate with non-governmental organisations, churches, actors in business and economic life, and small communities of citizens. The focus is mainly on the social elements that lead to crime such as lack of community cohesion, ignorance, breakdown in family societal values and poor environmental conditions. There are a variety of social conditions that lead to a high level of what we call “street crime”.

Social Crime Prevention focuses on the social and economic conditions that contribute to violent and criminal behaviour.

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