These are used in certain more sensitive policy areas. This procedure is the standard decision-making procedure used in the European Union, unless the treaties specifically state one of the special legislative procedures is to be applied to a particular subject. Ordinary legislative procedure Under the ordinary legislative procedure (formerly co-decision) the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union decide jointly on Commission proposals on a wide range of areas (for example, economic governance, immigration, energy, transport, the environment and consumer protection). Before the Treaty of Lisbon came into force late 2009 it was referred to as the co-decision procedure. In detail 1. The two most common are the Consent Procedure and Consultation. Special legislative procedures, as their name implies, are the exception from the ordinary legislative procedure. Consent. Rules: The treaties do not give a precise description of special legislative procedures. The Special Legislative Procedures: Consent. The rules are therefore defined ad hoc, on the basis of the relevant treaty articles. Under the consent procedure the Council can adopt legislative proposals after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament. Aside from the ordinary legislative procedure, there are a number of special legislative procedures that are used less often. In the adoption of legislative acts, a distinction is made between the ordinary legislative procedure (codecision), which puts Parliament on an equal footing with the Council, and the special legislative procedures, which apply only in specific cases where Parliament has only a consultative role. Unlike in the case of the ordinary legislative procedure, the TFEU does not give a precise description of special legislative procedures.

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