A quick and easy plan to define the key elements of any story. A one page outline created using the Snowflake Method. Story Arcs Measure Values. The Hero’s Journey (for novels) The famous mythic story structure model originated by Joseph Campbell and expanded by Christopher Vogler. It includes the beginning, or exposition , where the setting, characters, and problems are introduced. Story Structure Lesson 2 – An animated slideshow lesson explaining the parts of a story and a common way in which they are structured. When putting together a radio story, you don’t have to start at the beginning of the story’s timeline. What is the best structure for a novel? Structure (also known as narrative structure), is the overall design or layout of your story.. The Story Structure Template is designed to help you create and develop your story and its structure. This one is good for short stories or to quickly outline a new idea. You can start anywhere.

A story’s rise and fall in value can be expressed generally in terms of “fortune,” but you can also get more specific by measuring a story’s movement based on six different story values.

Plot is the series of events that make up your story, including the order in which they occur and how they relate to each other..
Story plot points on a timeline. These components of dramatic structure can be found in every arc, and are part of what gives each arc their structure. This lesson uses examples from an accompanying story – “When Gertrude Grew Great.” Suggested reading level for this text: Grade 4-8. What is story plot?

Story Structure Lesson – A slide show presentation on story structure. Not every story will fit this structure, but it is commonly used for these types of narratives when the protagonist is considered a "hero". Lastly, the narrative structure used for epics and some myths, legends, folktales, and fairy tales is often the "Hero's Journey", sometimes referred to as the Monomyth. Usually, you open a story at a point on the timeline where there’s a scene that grabs a listener’s attention and introduces them to what the story … It includes a template for the Three Act Structure, one for the Seven Point Story Structure, and one for The Hero’s Journey structure so that you easily create or develop your story from the structure you like best. The story structure is the order of events that happen in a story. The Snowflake Method. Definition of Plot and Structure.

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