It is a certainty that no one is able to have a kind and amiable stance on life when even its own creator or parent rejects it. Nature 1: Natural beauty is often a soothing influence with the characters of the novel, particularly Frankenstein, and it is an important part of the Romantic influence.

I chose a main theme as nature versus nurture. In Frankenstein, various themes are introduced. “Victor’s reaction to nature and Mont Blanc, while probably alluding to Percy Shelley’s 1816 poem Mont Blanc, is used in Frankenstein to show how only nature can restore Victor’s health. In the novella Frankenstein, Mary Shelley uses geography to further the plot, reveal the true intentions of characters and convey the novella’s theme of sublime nature. There are dangerous knowledge, sublime nature, nature versus nurture, monstrosity, and secrecy and guilt. Nature is visible throughout "Frankenstein" in all its glory and contrasts. Natural landscapes in "Frankenstein" help the author to bring out the theme of sublime Nature, dangers of forbidden knowledge and monstrous results of wrong actions.

The theme of nature versus nurture is portrayed through characterization of both Frankenstein and his creature. Literary Reflexivity. Natural surroundings have been shown to have therapeutic powers. The text of Frankenstein itself symbolizes many of the same themes that its contents symbolize.For example: Frankenstein's monster is a creature created by imbuing various old body parts with a new life; similarly, Shelley's texts include direct quotes and … 863 Words 4 Pages. A good starting point is to consider what aspects of Frankenstein interest you most as you read it; for example you might be particularly drawn to the monster’s development, the relationship between Victor and Walton, Victor and the monster, the role of women, the nature vs. nurture debate, the importance of companionship, or the role of nature in the book. Texts. As he approaches his family in Geneva, the curative effects begin to fade, and reunion with his family does little to help Victor’s mood”( On Nature in Frankenstein). Nature is some traits that a person is born with, and … The Theme Of Sublime Nature In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is overflowing with texts: letters, notes, journals, inscriptions, and books fill the novel, sometimes nestled inside each other, other times simply alluded to or quoted.

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