2- Less is more. SWOT Analysis of Event Management Industry & Event Business. 3A.

S for strengths, W for weaknesses, O for opportunities and T means threats. One or two integrated tools can go a long way – if you often find yourself planning events, look into online software that can be customized to meet your needs. As with most things, it is unlikely that your event plans will remain constant – change is inevitable.

Think about what is the strong feature of your event. Change Management – Not tracking your event changes. Strength includes all the attributes and features that make your event achieving and successful. When you use online marketing tools such as Email Marketing, Facebook and Twitter, your online event website, word of mouth and so on, start analyzing your research findings following SWOT Analysis method. Always make sure to avoid or overcome these threats to make your event successful. Strengths. SWOT Analysis for a successful event.

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