One hundred thousand: created three lakh jobs; worth one lakh …

Lakhs synonyms, Lakhs pronunciation, Lakhs translation, English dictionary definition of Lakhs. The DCM said 250 kiosks will be set up in the state to collect the swab samples of a person who has symptoms of COVID-19. English. Both 'lac and lakh' are correct English words according to the Random House Dictionary.But Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary doesn't have 'lac' in it!Additional information-Both the words come from the Sanskrit word 'Laksha' and interestingly-understandably though, 'Lakh' has its respectable place in Urdu and thereby in Pakistani heads and hearts. He recalled his request to the Union health minister to provide two lakh rapid test kits. Definition of lakh in English: lakh. 25th Mar 2020 +0 . What does lakh mean?

हिन्दी ... to the state and testing labs in each district. @Jasper Hindi distinguishes aspirated and unaspirated consonants, and lakh has an aspirated k (like an initial k in English).

English. As someone who has had very limited exposure to Indian English, but is familiar with the word, lakh is the only version I've ever seen, too. हिन्दी ... Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said the proactive surveillance and aggressive testing by the AMC had prevented two lakh Covid-19 infections in the city. The state government will take a … How Utter is enabling 42 lakh Indians to learn English through their blended learning model By Jerlin Justus. One hundred thousand: created three lakh jobs; worth one lakh fifty thousand rupees. Hence, Kerala is preparing to face any situation with utmost care and safety. Define lakh. lakh is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A hundred thousand. lakh synonyms, lakh pronunciation, lakh translation, English dictionary definition of lakh. also lac n. Chiefly South Asian 1. Karnataka to purchase additional two lakh rapid test kits The task force meeting chaired by Ashwath Narayan was attended by Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai and top officials of the state government. Over 10 lakh Keralites are engaged in various jobs in UAE. I only know lac as either an Alpine glacial lake or something you use in making varnish (as in shellac). also lac n. Chiefly South Asian 1. English (US) हिन्दी ... Online Counselling Given To Two Lakh People In Kerala.

by Jeffil Obadiah on April 13, 2020 at 7:44 PM Indian Health News.

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