About this resource. The landforms, continents, oceans and tectonic movements are a part of physical geography. The word “biome” may also be used to describe terrestrial ecosystems which extend across a large geographic area, such as tundra. It includes, traditions, regulations, institutions and organizations. Medical Geography: This is the branch of geography that deals with the study of patterns and spread of diseases.This involves epidemics and pandemics and their origins and distribution over a given geographical location.
A good start for new year 7s to introduce what Geography is all about! It includes the social environment that exists as long as the society exists. Physical geography deals with the study of Earth and its structure. Updated: Feb 22, 2018. Preview and details. Files included (1) HumanPhysicalDifference.
The impact of these human processes on natural systems and the possible solutions to address key environmental issues are some of the fields of interest of environmental geography. An introductory lesson covering the different types of Geography.

Terrestrial ecosystems are land-based, while aquatic are water-based. Environmental geography is an aspect of geography that delves into the relationship, including the social, economic and spatial interconnections, between people and their environments. This is the environment created artificially by man to regulate the environmental conditions. Created: May 8, 2016.

All types of ecosystems fall into one of two categories: terrestrial or aquatic. HumanPhysicalDifference. Religious geography: This is the branch of human geography that studies the spread and distribution of religious groups, their culture and the built environment. Environmental geography (also referred to as environmental geography, Integrated geography or human–environment geography) is the branch of geography that describes and explains the spatial aspects of interactions between human individuals or societies and their natural environment, these interactions being called coupled human–environment system.

Whereas geographical environment is the natural environment.

The formation of rocks, weathering, forces of erosion, winds, ocean currents and rivers are all studied as a part of physical geography.

The major types of ecosystems are forests, grasslands, deserts, tundra, freshwater and marine. Report a problem. Categories & Grades.

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