This chapter … Kothari, C.R.,1985, Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, New Delhi, Wiley Eastern Limited. Research Methodology: An Introduction 1 Meaning of Research1 Objectives of Research2 Motivation in Research 2 Types of Research2 Research Approaches5 Significance of Research5 Research Methods versus Methodology7 Research and Scientific Method9 Importance of Knowing How Research is Done10 Research Process10 Criteria of Good Research20

3.1 Research Process: Research process is a road map to achieve research objective. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ( For Private Circulation Only) Reference: 1. Methodology refers to the overarching strategy and rationale of your research project.It involves studying the methods used in your field and the theories or principles behind them, in order to develop an approach that matches your objectives.. Methods are the specific tools and procedures you use to collect and analyze data (for example, experiments, surveys, and statistical tests). Most of the time, quantitative research is used in statistics and other numerical areas such as commerce and economics. Quantitative types of research methodology are the research methods of getting numerical data for the goal of being able to compare them and study them. A method is a path of achieving or approaching to a problem. 3.8.1 Type of research by method The study of method is called methodology.

3.8 Types of Research Research can be studies under two divisions, First, according to the methods and second, according to the purpose. The path involves certain steps. It involves research design which depends on type of research. In order to conduct and evaluate any research, it is therefore important to know what these assumptions are. We need to know where design fits into the whole research process from framing a question to finally analysing and reporting data. CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter covers the research design and research methods used in this study to carry out systematic investigation in order to establish facts and reach the conclusions. WHAT IS RESEARCH DESIGN? RESEARCH…

),Singapore, Pearson Education. 1. Dawson, Catherine, 2002, Practical Research Methods, New Delhi, UBS Publishers’Distributors 2.

We need to understand what research design is and what it is not. 1 THE CONTEXT OF DESIGN Before examining types of research designs it is important to be clear about the role and purpose of research design. CHAPTER 4 Research Methodology and Design 4.1 Introduction All research is based on some underlying philosophical assumptions about what constitutes 'valid' research and which research method(s) is/are appropriate for the development of knowledge in a given study. 3.Kumar, Ranjit, 2005, Research Methodology-A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners,(2nd.ed.

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