Vox thinks the Republicans are torn between young members who want climate action, and older members who oppose a new carbon tax. Here he Joins Dave Roberts, Vox energy and climate writer and senior fellow at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, for a candid conversation. This is an updated version of a video we published in 2016. By Justine Calma @justcalma Jan 3, 2020, 12:01pm EST Share this story

Via Vox - Planet of the Humans deceives viewers about clean energy and climate activists. Via DeSmog - Climate Deniers Rush to Promote Michael Moore Film. But Vox are overlooking something important.

Hundreds of Amazon workers are speaking out against their employer’s record on climate change, risking being fired to defy a company-wide ban against such public criticism. An anti-renewables pile on by fossil fuel supporters. It was once a bipartisan issue, but now one of America's major parties acts like climate science doesn't exist. Climate policy in the United States is in a time of great uncertainty. In this episode of Energy Policy Now, Roberts discusses the media’s coverage of the politicized issues of energy and climate and the challenge of being heard in a noisy and splintered media environment. Together, they explore where we’ve been and where we’re going with our climate action efforts. Michael Moore produced a film about climate change that’s a gift to Big Oil. ... the National Academy of Sciences called for a specific change in climate policy. Since the late 70s, climate activist Rafe Pomerance has worked to raise awareness in Washington about climate change and its connection to fossil fuels. Amazon told climate activists that they violated the company’s communications policy. Frank Luntz vs. Grover Norquist: the GOP’s climate change dilemma in a nutshell. Vox's David Roberts is one of the nation’s top energy and environmental journalists, and now also a senior fellow with the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. Spain’s far-right party Vox launched its 2019 election campaign this month in the tiny town of Covadonga. Republican ideology is on a collision course with public opinion.

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