Mercantilism-money = power-power depends on wealth It was time to do something. Back to Quiz Main Page 28. The Causes of the American Revolution 895 Words | 4 Pages The American Revolution was sparked by a myriad of causes.

Some of these factors include social, cultural, economic, and political issues, among others. There is no one event that singularly led to the Revolution. C)They seek to pay for costs related to governing the colonies. Causes of the American Revolution. When the American Revolution began in 1775, the American colonists were not yet fighting for independence.

The American Revolution was a war between the 13 British Colonies in North America and Great Britain. Trying to pinpoint the main causes of the American Revolution is difficult at best because there were many contributing factors and even historians can’t agree on what they were..

The Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War, the American phase of a worldwide nine years’ war fought between France and Great Britain.

There were many causes of the American revolution: mercantilism, the French and Indian War, the Proclamation Act of 1763, as well as the many taxes passed on the colonists. The following events represent the major events along the way to war. D)All are correct. Causes for American Revolution Quiz Question 6: What do many of the British Acts have in common? American Revolution, civil war, colonial war, War of Independence, many terms for the conflict that rages in the American colonies from 1763 to 1783.

The American Revolution has often been portrayed in patriotic terms in both Britain and America that gloss over its complexity. Parliament felt that the colonies should help pay for their own protection. The Continental Congress gathered again in May of 1775, where they would become and remain the government of the colonies until the end of the Revolutionary War. Lexington and Concord The first battle of the Revolution in which British soldiers went after the stored weapons of the colonists in Concord, Massachusetts. Instead, they were attempting … The causes of the American Revolution are many, but they can be broadly broken down into six factors.

It lasted from April 19, 1775, to Sept. 3, … (The European phase was the Seven Years’ War. Franklin added that this was the original cause of the American Revolution - and not the tax on tea nor the Stamp Act, as it has been taught again and again in history books. Not only did these issues lead to war, but they also shaped the foundation of the United States of America. The term American Revolution also includes the American War of Independence, and resulted in the formation of the United States of America.

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