the paper boy arrives collecting for the newspaper blanch detains him by asking for a light for her cigarette and speaks of the weather. Stanley and Blanche resemble these characters. who visits her apartment after stanley and stella leave? what statement does blanche make at the end of scene 5? Commentary on Scene Eleven focusing on the speech in A Streetcar Named Desire Scene Eleven in A Streetcar Named Desire is significant.

she crosses the room and kisses him on the mouth . Blanche becomes visibly agitated during the cross-examination. Even in his first, brief line in Scene One, Mitch’s gentlemanly behavior stands out. Mitch appears to be a kind, decent human being who, we learn in Scene Six, hopes to marry so that he will have a woman to bring home to his dying mother. Critics and audiences alike harbor vastly torn opinions concerning Blanche’s role in the play, which range from praising her as a fallen angel victimized by her surroundings to damning her as a deranged harlot. Blanche Dubois: An Antihero. This, then, is Blanche's past life beginning to close in upon her.

Lauren Seigle (WR 100, Paper 2) Download this essay. Although Stella’s reassurance and comforting of Blanche about her relationship with Mitch is a rare moment of unchecked affection between the two sisters, by not revealing her past Blanche prevents Stella’s full comprehension of the desperate nature of Blanche’s situation. The scene displays a low level of human behavior, in which desperate people fulfill their animalistic desires through crime and greed. Tennessee Williams’s play A Streetcar Named Desire presents an ambiguous moral puzzle to readers. Mitch doesn’t fit the bill of the chivalric hero of whom Blanche dreams. Share ... who will take what she can get from the situation. At the end, when Stanley leaves, she is trembling and in need of a drink. It depicts a concrete and clear view of Blanche's character and highlights the theme of death. The scene takes place a few weeks after the rape. explain the interaction between the character and blanche? The atmosphere is noisy, with pianos playing in the distance from bars in town. She plans to contact him to see if he can help her out of her situation. what is the purpose? A Streetcar Named Desire | Discussion Questions 31 - 40 Share. Blanche ignores her and tries to think of some way of getting them out of the situation even though Stella repeatedly says she doesn't want out. A drama written in eleven scenes, the play takes place in New Orleans over a nine-month period. Blanche remembers an old boy friend named Shep Huntleigh. This is also the beginning of Stanley's plan to destroy Blanche, and she feels herself being trapped. It, most importantly, generates the audience's sympathy which is not depicted in the first part of the play. Character Conflict in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire is a play wrought with intertwining conflicts between characters.

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