So what do vampires, zombies and witches tell us about ourselves? But if we dare to make ourselves look, we can start watching for patterns. Human beings have created monsters for as long as people have told stories and others have listened to them. If they're especially heinous, we just don't want to see what they might be showing us. When real monsters were b eyond the firelight, or outside the cave, the inner world was imaginatively populated with even more terrifying images and ideas.
Hogfather: The one hundred percent human Mr. Teatime enters a realm made up by the dreams of children, where Death is powerless, under the assumption that this will give him the advantage.Except the children find Death far less terrifying than Mr. Teatime. Nothing we can do or say will deter them or convince them of the validity of our lives and experiences. The monsters we choose to embrace tells us a lot about ourselves. In the end, someone stabs at Teatime with a fire poker that Susan has convinced children only kills monsters.

As long as we continue to tell stories that equate human beings to swarming monsters driven to destruction by some inexplicable personal moral failing, the cycle of harm will continue. They will never see us as another type of human. As long as our narratives are fashioned around an us and a them, they will not provide the foundation for … Biologists aren’t equipped to tell us whether an organism is a human organism because “human” is a folk category rather a scientific one.
They hate us simply for being monsters. Vampires Women have been swooning for vampires starting around the time of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles and hitting mass market hysteria… They are a reflection of our frustrations, desire and fear.

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