Mrs. Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her. Atticus explains to the children why he thinks Mrs. Duboe is a "great lady" and a brave soul. She was the bravest person I ever knew." Although, Mrs. Dubose is racist like the majority of the town, so she is subject to conformity in that respect. According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. Ironically the only person who treats her with respect is Atticus; the man she thinks defends "niggers". One can assume she was no different to anyone else. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.

Mrs. Dubose was born in North Idaho and was said to be about 100 years old. She strives to restore herself and her traditional Southern values. Figuratively, the drug-induced stupor of Mrs. Dubose illustrates the South's refusal to own and overcome its prejudice. Lost in a cloud of narcotic bliss, Mrs. Dubose dished out a regular stream of vitriol to Scout and Jem. Mrs. Dubose works to eradicate the morphine from her body and thus models the vigilant approach we … According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. What is the neighbors opinion of mrs. dubose? He holds this opinion because she had the courage to fight and overcome her addiction to morphine. He says that Mrs. Dubose has the most courage of any person he has ever known. Mrs. Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her. We need you to answer this question! She is just bitter enough to not care.

She was determined to beat it no matter the cost, and the cost would have been to die in great pain.

She is just bitter enough to not care. Fortunately Atticus knows that behind the words and drugs is a tired and very sad old lady. Atticus defines courage as “…when you know you are licked before you begin but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.” This refers to the fact that he sees Mrs. Dubose overcome her morphine addiction before her death.

Get an answer for 'How does Atticus' opinion of Mrs. Dubose fit in with his defense of Tom Robinson? You rarely win, but sometimes you do. Mrs. Dubose's addiction to morphine symbolizes the hold racism has on the South during the time period of the novel. According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. She was the bravest person I ever knew. Mrs. Dubose is an elderly woman in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird".

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