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In this day and age, the concept of higher education is an absolute must for those who plan on being successful in life.

Standardized testing is unnecessary and a stressful way to prove efficiency that affects not just the students, but also the teachers, community and school itself. Passage 1 Many people think that standardized testing is unnecessary; however, standardized testing is the only way to measure student achievement.
Viewing student testing only from a student’s perspective is missing the point. Leave a reply. If recent years are any indication, this testing barrage will likely be met with reports of stressed students, frustrated teachers, and angry parents who decide to have their child “opt out” of standardized tests.

Obama Wants Students To Stop Taking Unnecessary ... are calling on states to cut the "burden" of unnecessary testing. Standardized testing does not, and should not, measure or be used as a form of measurement of intelligence. ... will take 112 standardized tests … By Taylor Lindsay and Julia Moran 2018 Standardized tests such as the Common Core and Keystone assessments often show little value for students across the United States. Standardized Testsmotivates students: Students will study material because they know they will be tested on it (if they know they are accountable for the material), this applies more to classroom assessments than standardized testing, although if they know it is a high stake test they may study to get the results they want. In lieu of standardized testing, Finland uses teacher assessment to evaluate student progress, allowing more time for experimentation and play.
For real, though. Spring is on its way – or so says the Groundhog – and with it, the annual battery of school tests and assessments. Why is Standardized Testing Unnecessary?

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, more colloquially referred to as Fair Test, has been in the vanguard of efforts to eliminate standardized testing from college admissions since its founding in 1985. Elizabeth McMillen, South’s testing coordinator, smiles as she files opt-out forms for standardized testing in the spring. standardized testing We know CV students are going to take tests in high school, college, and beyond, so we help them become good test takers. Teachers can see what they need to teach and when they are able to teach it. Read the two passages.

Plain and simple. Standardized testing adds unnecessary stress to South students’ lives.

His activist organization has long promoted the elimination of standardized tests. The pros and cons of standardized testing show that the amount of information that these tests can generate is invaluable. At the same time, many parents and teachers have charged that testing has distorted the curriculum, caused students unnecessary anguish, and taken valuable time away from instruction. Standardized tests and Finland's education system. Not sure why we haven't figured this out yet. Yet even within the tested subjects of reading and math, an overemphasis on standardized testing hurts the quality of instruction students receive. We don't create an unnecessary, high-stress testing environment; we help students learn good strategies for testing.

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