The industrial revolution caused … [6] Their writings, especially the writings of Ricardo, done at a time when the British Industrial Revolution was well under way, served a different social purpose as Smith's. Discuss the effect of the Industrial Revolution on the poetry of William Blake and William Wordsworth. The industrial Revolution was a time when children were forced to work and were discriminated against.

However, William Wordsworth lost his idealistic view after seeing the result of the French Revolution in terms of death and the atrocities committed by the people. Explicitly, Wordsworth’s Prelude and Coleridge’s ‘France: An Ode’, among others, look back on the initially positive view of the French Revolution. “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802” is a sonnet written by William Wordsworth, arguably the most prominent of the English Romantic Poets. However each author also offers subtler engagement with the theme. The Industrial Revolution also led to the end of the luxurious lifestyles oft pictured in the context of pre-revolution life. It was also a direct result ‘of the horrors perpetrated before his own eyes, in the sacred name of Liberty and Reason’ during the French Revolution; see: C. Wordsworth (jnr), op. The son of a wealthy Cumberland attorney, his birth followed the dawn of the English Industrial Revolution. Wordsworth and the French Revolution. 103–4. The title marks a specific place and time—a viewpoint over London’s River Thames during the Industrial Revolution—and is typical of Wordsworth, whose work often deals with both the power and fleeting nature of remembered moments. 2, p. 252. Explicitly, Wordsworth’s Prelude and Coleridge’s ‘France: An Ode’, among others, look back on the initially positive view of the French Revolution. cit., Vol. edn (1968), pp. and F. D. Klingender, Art and the Industrial Revolution, rev. Before the Industrial Revolution, William Blake wrote about Songs of Innocence. However, during his early life, he was largely inspired by the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution took place over a century ago and as production of goods moved from home businesses, where products were being crafted by hand to machine-aided production in factories. Blake expresses all of these views in his poems and at times gets quite frustrated. work was revolution. Afforded an education not uncommon of the British bourgeoisie, Wordsworth attended St. Johns College, Cambridge, studying literature and rhetoric, prior to the advent of the French Revolution. These political sonnets reproach France as well as England, Wordsworth starts with a claim that his fellow men should be … The son of a wealthy Cumberland attorney, his birth followed the dawn of the English Industrial Revolution. He was the second of five children born to John and Ann Cookson Wordsworth. Blake followed the ideals of the French Revolution, and this also shows in his writing. His sister Dorothy was born in 1771. The Romantic Era was an age, which opened during the Industrial (1800-1900) and French Revolution (1789). How do William Blake and William Wordsworth respond to nature in their poetry? The Industrial Revolution brought two kinds of changes, technological- and socio-economic-cultural changes. The two siblings were baptized together, which marked the beginning of a lifelong closeness. This revolution involved major changed in transportation, communications, and manufacturing that transformed the daily lives of Americans more than any single event in U.S. history.

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