World War I Journal Extract 6.2.1 b Soldiers in the First World War were forbidden to keep diaries or journals that described the war. Many soldiers chose to keep a diary to document their personal experiences during the conflict. Personal diaries. Call us. Pic: Wikimedia @ World War 2 Diaries. World War Two, however, was much more mobile, a war driven largely by tanks and plankes. She was born 24 February 1894 and left Barts as a qualified SRN in November 1920. From the fields of Flanders to the trenches of France, the diaries depict their daily activities, including ambulance evacuations and shared meals with soldiers, as well as their thoughts and impressions of the war.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces in December 1941 effectively turned two existing regional conflicts in Europe and China into a World War. These diaries were arranged by unit and covered the period of one month at a time.

The Archive of 60 World War II Collections of German Soldiers is composed of correspondences including handwritten and typed letters with envelopes, post cards from different places in Europe, diaries, brochures, and photographs including photographic albums, newspaper clippings, and drawings.

Date modified: 2020-05-12 About VAC. Diaries of the First World War. News and media; Legislation and Policies; Who we are; What we do; Publications and reports; Research; Resources; Contact us. The unit war diaries ... and will be releasing them throughout this year as part of First World War 100, our centenary programme. Memoirs & Diaries - Introduction. This series comprises the War Diaries created by the units of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and Citizen Military Forces (CMF) during the Second World War.

Diaries kept by World War II soldiers are very rare, because keeping a diary was generally forbidden due to the danger of it falling into enemy hands. While on active service, Army headquarters, formations and units were required to keep unit war diaries recording their daily activities. Armies swept across hundreds of miles in days and aircraft meant even that even the skies were rarely safe.

Regulations forbade the practice of individual soldiers keeping diaries in front line positions, yet the practice was apparently not uncommon. New technologies such as radar, guided missiles, jet planes, and the atomic bomb changed the very nature of warfare. Questions? This was to prevent opposing forces from obtaining information about military operations if a soldier were to be killed or captured and his journal fell into enemy hands. Wallis and Palmer’s previous book of letters and diaries from the First World War, A War in Words, included two children’s diaries and it was the strength of their stories, which inspired them to create a uniquely original book on the Second World War as experienced exclusively by the young. They were entirely taken by surprise and most of them didn’t even have a gun or anything. Read through first-hand accounts of ambulance drivers who served with the American Field Service during World War I. Many of the combatants of the First World War recorded … War Diaries Collection of War Diaries of Army Nursing Sisters of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service from World War 2 Below are extracts from the war diaries of Nursing Sister Margaret Eva Price. Letters to and from the front lines were a lifeline for service men and women fighting in World War II. Digitising the most popular segment of one of most popular record series will allow researchers around the world to access the diaries, and has given us the opportunity to embark on a hugely exciting crowdsourcing project, Operation War Diary. In the meantime a bunch of soldiers had come into our garage to hide. Locations; Stay connected; Follow Us Top of page. Diaries from British soldiers describing life on the frontline during World War One are being published online by the National Archives.

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